The Ultimate Brush

Why is this amazing brush so popular!  It Style - Shapes & Defines.

The Denman multi-purpose brush can be used for blow drying without snagging or pulling the hair for a perfect smooth finish. 

On damp natural textured hair apply conditioner or styling cream, section and rack through hair to define curls. It works wonders for detangling.

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Gifts For Dad

With Father's Day fast approaching, we curate a collection of gifts -  select from beard grooming boxes to shavers and trimming tools. All are dad approved...

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Repair with Olaplex

We all want a healthy full head of hair. With excessive styling, use of harsh chemicals and environmental factors such as humidity and sun exposure, all can result in split ends, dry and brittle hair leading to damage lack lustre mane.

Ranked as the number one haircare brand of 2020, Olaplex patented system repair damage hair. Our hair (structure) is made up of bonds which gives it shape, strength, elasticity and shine. Once the bonds breaks the hair strands becomes brittle, damaged and eventually breaks off.

The active ingredients in Olaplex goes to works from the inner layer to improve, repair, protect and strengthen. The formula works well on all hair types. 

The manufacture reports, combining the No.0 Intensive Repair Booster and No.3 Hair Protector together, works to improve and repair hair up to 68% and leaving it three time more stronger. Stylist use and recommends Olaplex for optimum healthy hair a clear indication that these products should be part of your haircare routine. Shop Olaplex here.




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Gifts For Mom

Mother's Day is fast approaching and you want to give mom something she will love. You know the best gifts are ones that are practical and can be incorporated into her day to day routine.

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Keeping Blondes & Silver Bright

How to care for blonde and silver hair. What routine to follow in maintaining blonde hair colour. There are many shades of blonde and obtaining that perfect hue which works with your skin tone may take a few trips to salon.


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The Beauty of Oils

Oils usually are multifunctional. Essential natural oils are derived from seeds, nuts or plants. In aromatherapy, essential oils are used to reduced inflammation, relief stress, promote sleep and boost mood.  Many haircare products are formulated with oils that helps to condition and smooth the hair shaft, for manageability. 

The benefits of oils are numerous as some have vitamins and fatty acids. Take jojoba which is light and is the only oil that mimics the serum produce from our scalp. Use it to seal in moisture without clogging pores. Other sealing oils are castor oil and grapeseed oil.  Some oils are penetrating oils that can enter the hair cuticle. Coconut oil a penetrating oil have been used widely in the Islands for skin and haircare. Its also used in the cosmetics industry for its many benefits - one of which is its also antibacterial and antifungal ability.

How do you use oils?  Add oils to your skincare - apply a few drops to your favourite body lotion or in the bath. Smooth heels and cuticle with olive oil or apply a small amount of lavender oil to your pillow for a good night sleep. 

All oils are not created equally, some essential ones can be volatile and must be used sparingly or diluted. Take a look at the list of oils and oil base products we have curated and find what works for you!

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The pass several months we all have been experiencing many emotions as the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 looms over us. Numerous changes have occur to our everyday lifestyle; from sheltering in place, social distancing, home schooling

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