The Beauty of Oils

The Beauty of Oils

Oils usually are multifunctional. Essential natural oils are derived from seeds, nuts or plants. In aromatherapy, essential oils are used to reduced inflammation, relief stress, promote sleep and boost mood.  Many haircare products are formulated with oils that helps to condition and smooth the hair shaft, for strength and manageability. 

The benefits of oils are numerous as some have vitamins and fatty acids. Take jojoba which is light, the only oil that mimics the serum produce from our scalp. Use it to seal in moisture without clogging pores. Other sealing oils are castor oil and grapeseed oil.  Some oils are penetrating oils that can enter the hair cuticle. Coconut oil a penetrating oil have been used widely in the Islands for skin and haircare. It's also used in the cosmetics industry for its many benefits - one of which is its antibacterial and anti-fungal ability.

How do you use oils?  Add oils to your skincare - apply a few drops to your favourite body lotion or in the bath. Smooth heels and cuticle with olive oil or apply a small amount of lavender oil to your pillow for a good night sleep. 

Black castor oil, rosemary, alma oil have long been used for century, massage into the scalp to promote healthy scalp and hair. Incorporating natural oils into your weekly hair routine have significant benefits. Some of which are strengthening the hair shaft, retaining moisture and softens for increase elasticity. Oils also acts as a protective barrier on the hair retaining moisture which help to prevents frizz.

All oils are not created equally, some essential ones can be volatile and must be used sparingly or in a diluted form. Take a look at the list of oils and oil base products we have curated and find what works for you!

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