SARYNA KEY™ Anti Skeptic Ampoule for reducing hair loss contains natural herbal extracts, tea tree oil and BETOFIX™ technology. Active ingredient complex fortifies your hair, preventing it from disconnecting at the root. BETOFIX™ technology also revitalizes and strengthens your hair shaft, to create a healthier, fuller, rejuvenated look. Saryna Key Anti Skeptic Ampoule offers your hair an optimally-effective, gradual, long-term hair-growth solution. Color-safe.

Spread the contents of the ampoule evenly at 8 different points on your scalp, then massage well for 2 minutes. Do not rinse until next shower-time. To maximize treatment effect and efficiency, repeat the process twice a week. Each pack contains 8 units of 10 ml ampoules. Break open the ampoules carefully on a towel.