• This product is a simple way to breathe new life into curls, leaving them bouncy and defined for that sexy, natural look. It can even improve hair appearance despite common challenges, like coarse texture, over processing or humidity.

    This formula features a unique shea butter infusion that deeply moisturizes each strand on contact. It tames frizz and detangles to make your locks more manageable.

    How to Use

    • Try a two strand twist by applying moisturizer to damp or dry hair, twisting each section. The more you twist the more you define the size and length of the curl.

      Air dry, blow dry w/diffuser or dry under hood. Untwist each section for a fuller look or just leave twisted for tighter look. Start with a quarter size amount of moisturizer in your hand, then rub between your palms.

      Apply moisturizer to hair from roots to ends of your tresses to refresh your coils and curls.

      • African shea butter and herbal oil extracts

African Pride Shea Miracles Silky Curls Moisturizer