Paris Lace 360 Wig

100% Natural Hair 

23" Long  Straight Classic style.

Available colors - Black and Natural

Paris Lace 360 wig is made of unprocessed hair that has not been modified by chemicals. It has not been permed, dyed or bleached. The hair is versatile and allows for creative custom styling. 

Style It  -  Bleach It  -   Dye It  -    Curl It

Wig Care

- Brush wig gently to move tangles. Detangle from root to end.

- Fill sink with cool water and add mild wig shampoo.

- Gentle swish.

- Rinse with cool water (conditioner can be added)

- After washing gently squeeze out excess water.  Do not roll/rub the hair, towel dry

(preferable allow to drip dry)

- When completely dry, brush or style.


Over bleach or dye hair, as this can make the hair become dry.

Paris Lace 360