Featuring kinder-to-hair technology, ORS™ Olive Oil Mild Touch Relaxer with 60% Lower Chemical allows you to achieve smooth and straight relaxed hair without compromising body and strength. This mild no-lye system alters less of the hair's natural bonds during processing and straightens the hair just enough for a relaxed look with texture and body—delivering up to 70% straightening of a regular relaxer*.

Designed to deliver a mild straightening and be gentler to hair, Olive Oil Mild Touch Relaxer includes exclusive Oligro™ Oil made with our proprietary complex of 6 oils & 6 extracts including biotin and plant stem cells to revitalize and protect scalp and strands.

The result? Visibly strong, fuller, healthier hair that's ready to style!

    • Mild no-lye formula for visibly fuller & stronger hair with texture
    • Formulated with 60% lower chemical*
    • Delivers up to 70% straightening of a regular relaxer**
    • Leaves hair straight enough to maintain thickness
  • Includes exclusive Oligro™ Oil to provide superior moisture and protection
ORS Olive Oil Mild Touch Relaxer