• Cult-Favorite Falsies: Here we go! The absolute favorite of lash lovers everywhere, Ardell’s famous Demi-Wispies in faux mink. Amplify your natural lash to glamorous new dimensions with just the right volume and length. Flared-out wonderfully! Shorter on the inside corners then lovingly longer as it extends to the outer corner. Enjoy positively provocative lashes that demand attention. Get drop-dead gorgeous glances every time you wear these falsies!
  • Signature Wispies Style: These falsies have everything you love about Ardell Wispies. Give your natural lashes a full-on texture boost with intricately crafted crisscrossing lash fibers that bring outstanding feathering and curl! Perfect for photoshoots, glam nights, or that hot date you’ve been looking forward to!
  • Vivid Faux Lash Fibers: Unbelievably real-looking and naturally soft! The Faux Mink Wispies is packed with the most comfortable and lightweight faux mink fibers ever. Each lash fiber tapers to a fine end tip that blends right in with your natural lashes. Feel its luxury and opulence as you slay all day! Vegan-friend and cruelty-free too.
  • Knot-Free Invisiband® System: “Are you even wearing falsies?” That is what’s going to be in everyone’s mind as you turn heads with your charming lashes. The Invisiband® makes sure that you’ll get the best, most natural faux lash fit you ever had. No knots and no buds that might get in the way of your otherwise perfect look!
Ardell Fauxmink Wispies: Demi Wispies