Bigen EZ Color for Men works on both your hair and beard with excellent gray hair coverage. EZ Color won't stain skin, doesn't drip and provides a natural looking color that lasts. EZ color's cream formula is easy to apply.

Simply comb EZ Color into your hair or beard, wait 10 minutes, then rinse. EZ Color for Men comes in two re-sealable tubes, which means you use what you need, and save the rest for touch-ups or your next hair color application.

Easy, comb-in application

No Stains. No Mess. Bigen EZ Color leaves no trace behind; just a natural, younger-looking you. No tell-tale stains on skin, no messy clean up! Just natural looking color every time. Simply squeeze the cream from both tubes onto the included applicator comb, and comb in. You won't believe how easy it is to get great results.

One Product for Both Hair and Beard

Why hassle with one product for your hair, and another product for your beard? With EZ Color for Men, you don't have to! Just comb Bigen EZ Color into your hair or beard, wait 10 minutes, and wash it out. It's that simple! A better way to get your grays our with natural-looking men’s color.

Gentle formula with aloe extract and olive oil

No Ammonia. Low Peroxide. In addition to offering four natural looking shades to choose from, EZ Color for Men also uses aloe extract and olive oil in our formula to leave hair healthy, rejuvenated and shiny.


  • Natural-looking Hair Color
  • Colors Hair & Beard
  • Excellent Gray Hair Coverage
  • Moisturizes and Shines Hair
  • No Ammonia
  • Low Peroxide
  • No Stains on Skin
  • Multiple Applications

For Hair on Scalp

  • Squeeze Cream Colorant 1 to fill up one groove on Applicator Comb. Then squeeze out the same amount of Cream Developer 2 to fill up the other groove.
  • Apply cream to dry hair starting from the grayest part. Continue the application until all hair is well covered with cream. Comb through to ensure even distribution.
    • Tip: For quick and easy application on the hairline use the end of Applicator Comb.
  • If you are only coloring your head hair, skip then next section and proceed to the Development section
  • If you are going to color your beard, mustache and/or sideburns, proceed to the next section.

For Beard, Mustache and Sideburns

  • Squeeze out the same amount of Cream Colorant 1 and Cream Developer 2 in the tray.
  • Using the end of the comb, mix well until thoroughly blended.
  • Use Applicator Comb to apply the mixture to beard, mustache and/or sideburns
    • Tip: For quick and easy application, use an old toothbrush instead of Applicator Comb. (Do not use the toothbrush for any other purpose.)


  • Wait for 10 minutes allowing formula to develop and deposit color into your hair and beard.
  • While waiting, replace caps tightly to save remaining product for next time. Dark discoloration of Cream Colorant 1 (around the opening of tube) is normal and will not affect color result.
  • Comb, tray and gloves can all be rinsed of excess mixture and reused as well.
  • Discard any unused mixture.


  • Rinse hair thoroughly with lukewarm water until water runs clear.
  • Shampoo and condition using a mild acid shampoo and conditioner to bring hair back to a natural weak-acid state. 
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