Get ready to pamper your skin. 

Saryna Key multi-purpose body-care product. 60 SECONDS is all it takes for NAKED BREAK to make your skin feel youthful, silkily-soft and radiant. Just delicately massage the mask all over your body whilst in the shower… the perfect moment, for a perfect result, when pores are optimally receptive thanks to the comfortably-warm ambiance, hot water and steam.

Your skin absorbs this noble restorative treatment, a pure harmony of powerful, active ingredients, moisturizing and nourishing the epidermis deep-down. Post-shower, as your skin cools, the formula continues to diffuse its virtues.

How to use 

Body Shampoo Pour a generous amount on the palm of the hand, massage well all over your body, then rinse.

Body Mask Naked Break – In-Shower Body Mask – is the most convenient way to moisturize and treat your skin. After using SARYNA KEY™ Body Shampoo, just apply our revolutionary hydrating product and rinse off. Dry off thoroughly. It only takes a few seconds to treat and smooth your skin. Do not apply to the soles of your feet and remove any remaining residues after use, to prevent slipping.

Saryna Key Naked Break